Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good Morning

Good morning, I am up just had breakfast. Last night Kyle ad I had some fun cuddling and watching movies. So far so good. Allan in San Diego is going to come chill with us on Wed. We received word, we will be having a party when we get to San Diego. Scott, Kyle's brother, is graduating to Sheriff on Wed too. We will be going to the graduation. It is another day. I have some biscuits and grave, scrambled eggs and sausage. Also, had Orange Juice and Milk. OMG I am full, it was good. I had several conversations from Kyle's friends in San Diego. They seem to be really cool. Some even funny as hell. Well, I am still tired. We went to bed around 3AM. I am going to hit the sack again. lol

Have a great day.


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